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Types of Photography

Sports - Organized sporting activities (football, volleyball), team photos, memory mates.

Seniors - Your Special senior photographs (Studio & Location, Studio, Traditional)

Fashion - Personalized services for individual services for individuals needing to build a modeling portfolio.

- All age levels, pre-school, elementary, middle and high school

Portraits - Individual, couple, family and promo portraits

Corporate - Unique images that reflect the company in print of the web

Special Events - Parties, graduations, family reunions, class reunions, any event that is special to you

Portrait Finishes

Silver - Exact enlargements of your preview portraits - no protect finish - no folders or retouching.

Gold - A matte coated lacquer is applied to protect your photos from dust and fingerprints. Printed on textured photographic paper. Retouching is extra.

Diamond - Fully retouched on the negative and print. Coated with a matte lacquer and printed on textured photographic paper.

About Retouching

Unwanted skin blemishes or smile lines can be removed to bring your finished portraits up to their fullest potential. Remember..if you notice a blemish on the original, it will be that much more noticeable on your enlargement. (Contact us for price) (click here to visit contact page)

Please Note... glass reflections, clothing wrinkles, stray hairs and other imperfections not found on the skin can only be done special artwork done on each print and is not included in normal skin retouching fee.

Studio Policies

Previews are presented 10 days after the session. You may purchase them or place a deposit and take your portraits for others to view.
Deposits are three times the session fee value.
Deposits are refundable or apply to reorders within 14 days. After 14 days deposits are applied to reorders only.
Allow 30 days for finished portraits.
50% deposit required on all orders.
Sales tax is .0075%
All coupons must be present at time of session.
Frames and framing is available. Custom make your frames or pick from other choices at the studio
Portaits are a copyrighted property of the studio and may not be reproduced without permission.
Your order can be shipped. Postage and handling is $15.00.
Black and white or sepia pictures can be taken. Please talk with the photographer prior to your session.
Portfolios are available to display your special senior moments.
Visa, MasterCard, Discover are accepted by Dickerson Photography.